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Forward-thinking power generation


Utilizing conventional and renewable energy sources efficiently

Urbanization, scarce resources, and climate change: Wherever we look, global challenges are spurring a demand for increasingly efficient power generation products, solutions, and services. Trends like digitalization open up a variety of opportunities within the energy business.


Harness the potential of change. Gain competitive advantages – with the help of our in-depth expertise and state-of-the-art products and services. With these, we are helping our customers to successfully meet their challenges. Whether we’re talking about conventional or renewable energy: We know every market environment and their particular economic and ecological requirements. Put your trust in forward-thinking power generation from Siemens – worldwide.

Products and solutions supporting a reliable, affordable, and efficient power supply

Gas turbines
Around 7,000 Siemens heavy-duty, industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines are operating reliably worldwide in power generation and mechanical drive applications. We offer the complete range from 4 to 567 MW.
Steam turbines
We are setting standards for steam-based power production. Siemens steam turbines are an ideal choice for cogeneration. More than 20,000 are currently in operation around the world.
Siemens generators ranging from 25 to 2,235 MVA achieve efficiency levels of up to 99 percent. Around the globe, more than 2,500 units from our SGen™ series are generating power today.
Power plant solutions
We optimize our power plant technologies for your needs. From decentralized industrial applications to heavy duty power plants up to 1,400 MW – your individual plant is supplied from a single source.
Power plant and turbine controls
By power plant people for power plant people: Siemens covers the full spectrum of power plant I&C, electrical engineering and IT solutions. Maximize the potential of each individual plant and of the entire fleet.
Gas and diesel engines
High efficiency and low emissions gas and diesel engines designed for various applications
Wind power
Wind power offers tremendous potential. Discover the wind turbine portfolio from Siemens, learn more about onshore and offshore wind power, and see how our services and products transform wind power into a profitable, eco-friendly energy source.
Small hydro power
Small hydropower plants have proven to be a sustainable source of energy. Learn more about Siemens’ comprehensive solutions that turn water into energy.
Hybrid power and storage
In times of increasing capacities of renewables, energy systems must be reconsidered. Turnkey solutions for hybrid generation and the integration of energy storage put you at the forefront.


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