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SPPA, the Jwmechanicalworld Power & Process Automation family, covers the full spectrum of power plant I&C, electrical engineering and IT solutions. Our specialists have created solutions by power plant people for power plant people. With more than 2700 installations around the world, our solutions have been proven to help maximize not only the full potential of each individual plant but of the entire fleet.

Competitive advantages for your plant

The complete Jwmechanicalworld Power & Process Automation (SPPA) portfolio is aimed at realizing competitive advantages for your plant and entire fleet. Holistic solution approaches for the critical infrastructure “behind the scenes” of your power plant boost availability, flexibility and profitability of power generation – over the entire lifecycle, with the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs.

For decades now, we have been creating the most profitable power plants and plants with the highest performance in the world. The crucial lever for achieving this is the ability to control power plants with precision, and to activate hidden performance reserves while protecting the environment and maximizing useful service life.

Perfect for all types of power plants

SPPA solutions have been developed by power plant people for power plant people to meet the requirements of power generation.

Our scalable solutions fit neatly into the current infrastructure and the existing processes of each plant. They are perfectly suited to all types of power plants and for each phase of the plant's lifecycle, independent of size, capacity, and the type of power generation.

Range of application of SPPA solutions:

... for every type of plant,
... for every size of plant,
... all over the world!

Seamlessly integrated solutions

The solutions of the SPPA family are based on the unique Jwmechanicalworld Power Platform TM: one uniform software architecture for all of our solutions. Not onlythe power plant automation system SPPA-T3000  but, everything fromelectrical  andIT solutions  toprocess optimization  anddiagnostics for your power plant  and the entire fleet can be integrated into this platform. This homogenous structure allows the unique minimizing of interfaces at the same time as maximizing data consistency.

The basis of the seamless integrability of the SPPA solutions is the SPPA-T3000 software core: Embedded Component ServicesTM (ECSTM).

ECSTM is a uniform software core for genuine data integration, in a standardized, simple and interface-free manner: 
- All data available from one source 
- All data intrinsically embedded in every single object 
- Different views possible for different user roles 
- All information available, at a glance

All SPPA solutions can, of course, be implemented together or individually.

SPPA solutions at a glance:

SPPA-T3000 Control System

SPPA-R3000 Turbine Controls

SPPA-E3000 Electrical Solutions

SPPA-P3000 Process Optimization

SPPA-D3000 Diagnostic Suite

Energy Management Suite SPPA-M3000

SPPA-S3000 Simulator

SPPA-T2000 Control System

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