Industrial generators

SGen-2000P generator series | 370–560 MVA

We offer generators for industrial applications up to 370 MVA. Our SIGENTICS series is your preferred solution up to 25 MVA (2-pole) and up to 85 MVA (multi-pole). For 2-pole applications over 25 MVA, our SGen-100A/SGen-1000A series is the optimal solution.

SGen-2000P generator series

Innovative mix of proven design concepts with air-pressurized cooling technology for flexible operation

Performance range370‐560MVA

Efficiency up to 99%

Powerful generator for gas and steam applications


Innovative technology mix makes this generator stand out from the crowd

Our latest product innovation, the SGen-2000P series, combines air cooling with water cooling technology. Pressurized air-cooled generators are replacing indirectly hydrogen-cooled machines to significantly reduce plant complexity. They achieve efficiency and power levels comparable to indirectly hydrogen-cooled generators with ratings of up to 560 MVA. Pressurized air-cooled generators are used in simple cycle, combined cycle, and steam power plants, as well as in synchronous condensing applications.

Highlights of the SGen-2000P generator series

Proven Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (GVPI) and water-cooled technology

High operational flexibility

MICALASTIC® insulation system

Lower total cost of ownership

Proven components

High operational flexibility

The SGen-2000P generator offers an innovative mix of verified design features in operating ranges typically reserved for hydrogen-cooled generators. The water-cooled stator and air pressurization system allow this series of generators to operate within an extended performance range and with maximum load-shift flexibility.

Automated variable air pressurization

Depending on load demand, the generator is automatically pressurized up to 1 bar (gauge) to control rotor temperature within industry standards.

Water-cooled stator

Water-cooled stator bars minimize thermal-mechanical stresses in the end winding allowing for unlimited operational flexibility across the design power range.

Technical data

Technical data

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50 Hz

60 Hz

Apparent power

370–545 MVA

370–560 MVA


up to 99%

up to 99%

Designed for power factor



Terminal voltage

up to 20 kV

up to 20 kV

Design insulation class

Class F

Class F

Weight (approx.)

up to 370 t

up to 370 t


The SGen-2000P is suitable for the following applications:

Gas and steam power plant

Pressurized air generators fit most steam and gas turbines on the market

Flexible gas and steam power plants will remain a key component of a demand-driven power supply. They form the solid foundation of a diverse and clean energy mix – indispensable for meeting the world's current and future challenges. Our pressurized air-cooled generators complement the turbine packages of any manufacturer and meet grid and environmental requirements as well as your individual needs.

Generators for steam power plant

Our generators can be flexibly integrated into combined cycle power plants or steam tailing applications.

Generators for combined cycle power plant

We supply generators for large simple or combined cycle power plants, suitable for peak, intermediate or base load duty, as well as cogeneration applications.


Proven in commercial operation: reference highlights

From our fleet of more than 2,500 large generators operating worldwide, there are more than 900 hydrogen-cooled, and more than 200 water-cooled generators. The best technologies from our operating hydrogen- and water-cooled fleet have been combined to develop the SGen-2000P.

Synchronous condenser application

Synchronous condenser application

under construction

Reactive power: +340 / -170 MVAr
Frequency: 50 Hz
Terminal voltage: 16,5 kV

Scope: SGen5-2000P generator

Combined cycle power plant | Proven SGen5-2000H reference

Shuweihat S3, UAE (2014)

Customer: Shuweihat Asia Power Company (SAPCO)

Power output: 1,600 MW
Apparent power: 4x 290 MVA (GTG) 2x 428 MVA (STG)
Frequency: 50 Hz
Teminal voltage: 20 kV

Scope: 2 x SCC5-4000F 2x1 with 4 x SGT5-4000F gas turbines, 2 x SST5-4000 steam turbines, 4 x SGen5-1000A generators, 2 x SGen5-2000H generators, and SPPA-T3000 control system

Gas turbine packages for 3x1 combined cycle power plant | Proven SGen6-2000H reference

Cape Canaveral Energy Center, United States (2013)

Customer: Florida Power & Light

Power output: 1,250 MW
Apparent power: 3 x 323 MVA
Frequency: 60 Hz
Teminal voltage: 19 kV
Efficiency: > 60%

Scope: 3 x SGT6-8000H gas turbines and 3 x SGen6-2000H generators