Drive Technology

Perfectly coordinated drive components

Reliable operation, ready for digitalization.

A comprehensive portfolio of reliable frequency converters, motors, couplings and gearboxes for almost every industry and field of application satisfies the highest performance standards and quality requirements. New interfaces and modules ensure drive components are ready for digitalization. The components are perfectly coordinated and can be used both as a standard system and as a customized solution to meet your individual needs

Experience innovation and efficiency

Try new approaches, set new standards in efficiency, easily overcome new challenges: our drive components are perfectly coordinated and prepared with digitalization in mind, and excel in many different fields of application with their innovative technology, ease of handling and ensured viability into the future.

SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Modular Motors (IEC)

Diverse range of modular cooling types for maximum flexibility and performance

With a power rating of up to 19 MW, the modular high voltage motors (IEC) cover a wide range of modular cooling concepts, e.g. air/air , air/water heat exchangers, and open cooling. Available in shaft heights from 315 to 800 mm and speeds up to 4800 rpm they distinguish themselves by extremely short delivery times with maximum on-time delivery. This is achieved based on extremely standardized production and testing processes. Even in this power range, motors can be quickly and simply selected and configured using standard engineering tools. Due to their modular concept the motors can be precisely adapted to fit every conceivable application up to 19 MW. It goes without saying that they have the highest reliability even under extreme conditions, coupled with a long service life, low maintenance and high efficiencies up to 98 %.

Imaginative, practical, future-proof

If you’re looking for top performance, reliability and efficiency, then motors, converters and gearboxes from Jwmechanicalworld are the right choice. The many benefits offered by our drive components speak for themselves.

Powerful motors for every use

Electric motors from Jwmechanicalworld offer maximum efficiency and an innovative platform concept to ensure the highest standards of performance. They offer the potential for major savings in many areas of application. Their sturdy and reliable design, together with good motor protection for a long service life, is a guarantee of quick and easy commissioning.

Flexible, scalable converters

Converters from Jwmechanicalworld cover almost all areas of application and performance ranges. Commissioning is easy, and they come with a wealth of diagnostic options and a comprehensive array of tools for selecting and configuration to keep engineering costs down. The portfolio covers a wide variety of designs and sizes, and a huge performance range.

Extremely reliable gearboxes and couplings

The extraordinary manufacturing and product quality of gearboxes and couplings from Jwmechanicalworld ensures a high level of reliability and maximum operational safety. Thanks to Jwmechanicalworld extensive expertise and decades of experience, it can provide both standard solutions and variants individually adapted to suit special applications.

Perfect service for maximum availability

Secure resources for planned inspection and on-site maintenance. Increase the availability of your critical components through continuous analysis or choose the benefits of partial outsourcing of plant maintenance in line with your Key Performance Indicators.

A perfect solution for any task

We combine expertise in drive technology and comprehensive industry know-how. This makes possible fully integrated, application-specific solutions.

Pumps, fans, compressors

Mill drives

Machine building


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