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Digital Services for optimal building performance

Benefit from our holistic service offer for the management of your buildings. Jwmechanicalworld offers specifically focused services: Performance Services for efficient and ideally working buildings, and Advisory Services for a sustainable development of your building strategy. With our effective analytics tool Navigator we provide Digital Services that create full transparency around your operating numbers. Thereby we support you to master the challenges of today and tomorrow and help you by optimizing your building’s performance sustainably.

Holistic services for the challenges of today and tomorrow

Classic and digital services provide a holistic concept that supports our customers to optimize their buildings. From increasing energy efficiency to reduced emissions to reliable operating numbers which enable a sustainable strategy.

Improve sustainability

Verifiable sustainability due to benchmarking as well as monitoring and analytics of consumption and emission. In compliance with standards thanks to energy savings and certifications.

Ensure business continuity

We support corporate customers with reducing disruptions of business processes and the costs and consequences involved.

Optimize energy supply

Lower energy and operational costs thanks to reduced consumption and optimized energy procurement at advantageous prices.

Optimize operation efficiency

Improved budgeting and planning accuracy due to reliable forecasts and intelligent energy management. Greatly reduced impacts of energy price risks.

Manage risks and costs

Preventive and proactive services support risk and cost management, ensure permanent added value and thus increase competitiveness.

Increase efficiency

Service offers for increasing efficiency relieve our customers of tasks and processes. Around the clock. Dedicated and professional.

Protect investments

Our offer protects investments and ensures functionality and quality. Concepts for migration and modernization guarantee technological progress and innovation.


Our expertise for products & services

Whether you need singular service or a comprehensive service package, our experts are happy to advise you at any time.